Dear readers, I have been absent from the blog for too long. The usual excuse – very busy! We went to Thailand for Doug and Preeya’s wedding. Doug is my oldest son, and Preeya and he are based in Edinburgh. It was all great fun, and nice to see so many of the family on all sides. We pottered around bit on trains, visiiting a lovely small island in the Andaman sea and also (briefly) Bangkok, where we did some touristy things – wonderful things to see and do here. 

This was all in the middle of writing the ‘status report’ on renewable energy in the MENA region for the REN-21 Policy Network. MENA= Middle East and North Africa region, in all 24 varied countries. The work also involve a week in the middle east, and will be completed in march. 

The green innovation group is also very busy preparing a new bioenergy research bid, and I think its a very exciting prospect.

In mid february I am going to join Keith Hart in Pretoria for a fortnight, and give some seminars for his ‘Human Economy’ PhDs there, which is very exciting. I’ll also meet some other friends and contacts there, and look at the idea of an interdisciplinary Masters in Development Studies at Pretoria. S Africa is also doing some interesting things on renewable energy at the moment.